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Master pancake artist Nathan Shields (previously featured here) recently whipped up an awesome batch of Dinosaur pancakes. Nathan incorporated buckwheat batter to create all the darker details and gave each dinosaur an interactive jaw. And, as you can see, the Pteranodon knows he’s not actually a dinosaur.

[via Saipancakes]

It’s Breakfast is the Most Important Meal Day on Geyser of Awesome!

So this happened at Subway the other day

  • Me wearing my Pizza John shirt at subway:

  • Sandwich Artist:

    Who's that guy?

  • Me:

    Um... John Green.

  • Sandwich Artist:

    I've heard that name before. Is he like running for president?

  • Me:

    No.. He wrote some books. You've probably heard of The Fault In Our Stars.

  • Sandwich Artist:

    oh yeah. That thing . Well he should run for president. I'd vote for him, since I take it from your shirt he's a pizza fan. I'm pro pizza.

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